Small Business Guide: Grow Your Commissions with Delta Dental 

This guide shows you how small businesses can mean big opportunities.
Because more sales means more for your bottom line.

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Tap Into the Small Business Market 
Small businesses can mean big opportunities. By tapping into the growing small business market, you'll be able to sell to more businesses rather than just to a limited number of larger accounts. And more sales means more growth for your bottom line.

Now Serving Groups With 2+ Employees 
Delta Dental is going big by going small and have expanded our offerings to businesses with 2+ employees. It's a commitment that we will provide the same level of service and affordability we provide larger groups.

Big Rewards for Small Business Referrals 
When you work with Delta Dental of Missouri, you reward your clients and yourself. Through our Delta Dental Rewards Program, you are eligible to earn larger rewards with no caps on earnings, increased "existing book" participation levels and larger rewards opportunities for new sales. 

Big Words of Kindness from a Small Business Client 
As an HR manager, I have had the opportunity to use a diverse number of companies for our different benefits, but I always make sure Delta Dental of Missouri is my benefits provider on dental coverage. They offer the widest selection or providers and claims are handled hassle-free and direct from the provider, which is why Delta Dental is the easiest company to work with.
- Kim Peters
  Tyler Pipe 

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We offer customized plan designs, product features and funding options that align with growing companies' needs and budgets. We also offer individual plans, if you need them. 

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2018 U.S. Small Business Administration Small Business Profile

A Closer Look at Small Business Potential in Missouri

•  There are 523,459 small businesses in Missouri, making up more than 99% of all Missouri businesses 

• There are 1.1 million Missouri small business employees, making up 47% of Missouri employees 

2018 U.S. Small Business Administration Small Business Profile


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